Tell us what you think and you could win £150!

Tell us what you think and you could win £150!

31 March 2015

We need to know what you think about Twist & Go magazine. What do you like or dislike about the features inside? Which sections are your favourites and what would you change?

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21 July 2015

Bill Drake is official Vehicle Registrar for the Vespa Club of Britain (VCB) and he has informed us that changes are afoot to the DVLA V765 SYSTEM.

It is no longer possible to use a tax disc as evidence to claim an original registration number. The only acceptable evidence MUST connect the chassis number with the registration number.

This new ruling will also affect the use of archive documents because many of the Registration Offices, Local Authority and Council Offices did not record chassis numbers.

Original log books and/or archive documents now appear to be the only acceptable forms of evidence.

When applying for an archive document it is advisable to enquire if this information is included. If not it will probably not be accepted by the DVLA.

Whether there has been substantial abuse of the system using tax discs and/or archive documents is not clear.

What is more likely is that the DVLA have noticed the difference in revenue between the V765 System (£0 income) and the charge for re-registration using the form V55/5 (£55 plus road tax).


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Issue July/Aug 2015

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